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COMMHUB - Communications Manager

The COMMHUB is a one-of-a-kind, full-featured Communications Manager and innovative platform that interfaces to Property Management Systems, PBX, Voice Mail and Call Accounting Systems across a single hotel or across multiple hotels.  The COMMHUB core processor also interconnects multiple PBX systems.  

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COMMHUB Hospitality Products

COMMHUB - PPIC - PMS/PBX Interface Controller

Part of the COMMHUB family, this Hilton Brand Communications Solution supports a customer interface to the PMS and as a result can handle a wider variety of interfaces including In Room Safes, Mini Bar Systems and Hotel Communication Networks. Supports a wide variety of band sanctioned PBX and Voice Mail systems. 

COMMHUB - Automated Wakeup Facility (AWF)

Allows the guest to program wakeup calls from their guest room.  COMMHUB AWF meets and exceeds the standards that are required in certain hospitality brands. The AWF programs the guest request into the PBX system so that the pending wakeup calls are visible to operators and front desk guest attendants.  The COMMHUB AWF product works with must major industry standard voicemail systems. 

COMMHUB - Printer Capture and Redirection

PBX systems often use outdated, unsupported dot matrix printers for wakeup and other reporting output.  Today serial based dot matrix printers are costly to purchase and operate along with producing clutter and dust in the computer room.  The Printer Capture and Redirect Module can provide this function and re-route the printer output to laser printers. This gives the hospitality group access to these reports for the lifetime of the system along with easy access to search for specific transactions.  

COMMHUB - Express CheckOut Manager (ECOM)

COMMHUB Express CheckOut Manager allows the guest to check out from their room via telephone. This process allows the guest to bypass long check out lines at the front desk. Automated reports are generated for the hotel to track the rooms that have checked out.  The guest room is also changed to a maid status of Vacant/Dirty which allows the housekeeping department to be notified of rooms that are in need of cleaning at a more rapid speed. Another added feature of the COMMHUB ECOM module is Departure Messaging. Guests are notified via voice message the day before they depart so they are made aware of the checkout options available. The COMMHUB ECOM product works with must major industry standard voicemail systems.  

COMMHUB - Turn Down Service (TDS)

COMMHUB Turn Down Service is an advanced platform solution that allows the guest to decide on and customize their level of Turn Down Service.  They can choose to utilize this feature for one night or for their entire stay.  This product is reserved for 4 and 5 Star resorts. The COMMHUB TDS works with most major industry standard voicemail systems.  

COMMHUB - PBX Terminal Emulator

Dedicated PBX terminals for wakeup and administrative entry aren't necessary with the COMMHUB Terminal Emulator.  This program re-routes the printer output to a network laser printer. This eliminates the out-dated dot matrix printers provided by the PBX.  COMMHUB Terminal Emulator also allows access to all printouts from the reports directory in order to reprint if necessary. 

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