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About Communications Decisions Technologies, INC

Communications Decisions Technologies, INC or COMMDEC, which is our preferred naming standard was founded in 1992 and has been providing services to both the Hospitality and the Small/Medium Business Market successfully for over 25 years!

With a core technological background in communications systems, the product family at COMMDEC has grown over the years as product experience has been added. Many of our hospitality products have been innovative, one-of-a-kind and first-of-their-kind solutions. 

Local Business Solutions include Digital and VoIP telephone systems, Announcement Systems, Voice Mail solutions, Network cabling and Management. Our legacy local customers have successfully utilized the NEC brand of PBX products for their small and medium business needs. COMMDEC also offers a large variety of PBX systems for small businesses such as Samsung OS7000 Series PBX, Samsung SCM, Free PBX NEC DSX, NEC SL1100, Hybrid and other VOIP options. 

COMMDEC - COMMHUB family of products include but are not limited to:

  • COMMHUB - Communications Manager

  • COMMHUB - Automated Wakeup Facility (AWF)

  • COMMHUB - Express CheckOut Manager (ECOM)

  • COMMHUB - Turn Down Service (TDS)

  • COMMHUB - Printer Capture and Redirection

  • COMMHUB - Terminal Emulator

  • COMMHUB - PMS/PBX Interface Controller (PPIC)


Our customer support department, located in North Texas has specialized training in the COMMHUB product line. COMMDEC takes a genuine level of pride regarding the quality of support that our customers receive.  Quality customer service comes first!

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